I am a wife (now a widow) of the most amazing man. I am a mother of three strong courageous children (Sydney Ann- 22, Samantha Catherine- 17 and Jacob Travis- 15). My husband and older daughter have encouraged me the past few years to start a blog which detailed my love of design, décor and family. Never, in a million years did I imagine I would start a blog to share our feelings of grief and despair which were caused by my husbands unexpected death. Our lives are shattered- yet will remain strong, for we are the “5pack” as he called us.

From the moment we found his body, I knew that the only thing he wanted for our children and me was happiness. I was beyond lucky to have had him for time that I did. Now, our three children and I are his legacy. We continue his life by living our lives in his honor. This is why I started the blog and why I share my story and personal feelings. I don’t want others to feel alone in their grief and loss.Grief is personal, grief is overwhelming at times, maybe by sharing my feelings, I can help others not feel alone in their journey of loss and grief.