28 years ago

28 years ago today…..our relationship started at Park River High School 1988 Home Economics class. I don’t really recall learning much- for my main focus was the handsome senior who sat near me and stole my heart. Maybe that’s why I can’t cook to this day? I remember the twinkle in his eye and smile. I so badly wanted him to ask me out.

We had our first date on June 3, 1988. Travis always loved to have fun and our dates were just that- we snuck into the local swimming pool where I was a life guard and swam. He impressed me with his flips, dives, pure athleticism and love for life. I am so lucky that he asked me- the rest is our love story……

Every June 3rd, we would send each other flowers on the anniversary of our first date. He would usually send me daisies (my favorite).


Happy Anniversary of our first date my love. I wish I could send you flowers in heaven. Thank you for sharing your life and your heart with me and our children. “ditto”

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