Happy Valentine’s Day in heaven 

Dearest Travis,

On your first Valentine’s Day in heaven- it will be 100 days from the last time I saw you.  100 days from when I last heard your voice.

It feels as if it has been 100’s of months and years….

You are my greatest love, my one and only love.

As our wedding rings say–“forever yours”

I will love you forever, I will love you always.

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for choosing me all those years ago

 Thank you for the life we had while you were here on earth

Thank you for giving me our three most amazing children

You will always be loved by me

You will always be loved by our children

I promise to show your love to them and our future grandchildren.

I promise to allow them to know you throw my memories and my stories

I love you with my entire being – my entire soul

I’d chose you all over again

As each day passes, it is a day that I am closer to being in your arms once again

Forever yours

Julie Ann

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