I cry

I cry because I love and have loved.

I cry because I lost my one and only love 

I cry because I feel every little piece of emotion 

I cry because I don’t know why he had to go

I cry because I am so alone

I cry because I miss his touch, his smell, his sight, I MISS him 

I cry because this is so unfair and there is absolutely nothing…. Nothing anyone can do to make it better

I cry because of all the memories, whether they are good or bad. I cry because I don’t want to make new ones without him physically present.

Sometimes the tidal waves of emotions and tears hit me at an intersection, in the parking lot, while at the store, at work, during a car wash and especially at night.  They don’t have a pattern- no warning. They take over.

I cry softly and at times cry while it’s difficult to breathe.

I cry for our children and Travis- knowing they were all cheated. So much they he will miss. 

I cry for I am scared- scared of the unknown and life without him.

I cry yearning to be with him just one more time.


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